Sienta la Cabeza is a company founded in Barcelona in 2001 by the Brazilian “psycho” hairdresser Fafá Franco & the Scottish musician and DJ Nick Prescott.

Their aim is to explore the possibilities of hairdressing and music conceived of as performance art, to surprise and invite the audience to experience a personal aesthetic change in a collective context.

In the street they found a symbol of “no limits”, without walls or frontiers, where creativity, aesthetic and sonic liberty become a show in a playful and distended way.

The common characteristic of SLC’s trajectory is to propose – by means of two universal and complementary languages – new experiences and views of the aesthetic question for people of all ages and origins. Through performance there is a search to invite reflection as to how we look at others and ourselves, to leave behind personal and social frontiers, and celebrate the diversity of beauty.


Fafá Franco | Founder of Sienta la Cabeza, artistic hairdresser, creator and performer

Nick Prescott | Founder of Sienta la Cabeza, DJ and musician

Tatiana da Silveira | Artistic hairdresser since 2009 in the show Sienta la Cabeza

Gisele Cornejo | Performer in The Hairdresser’s Divan

Michael Gadish | Performer in The Hairdresser’s Divan

Laura Giberga | Performer in The Hairdresser’s Divan

Maria Fernanda del Pino | Co-creator of ornaments and production for Sienta la Cabeza since 2014 and for Diván de la Peluquera

Xavi Mateo | Photographer and production assistant in The Hairdresser’s Divan

Sonia Lahoz | Collaborating artistic hairdresser since 2016 in the show Sienta la Cabeza

Cécile Ribas | Artistic hairdresser, and decorative head pieces creation and design

Virginia Torralba | Artistic hairdresser during 2011 in the show Sienta la Cabeza

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