The music of the company Sienta la Cabeza is in the hands of the Scottish musician Nick Prescott. As composer he wrote the soundtracks for the the unique performance “Transformation in First Person” in 2011 and for the Installation- Performance “The Hairdresser’s Divan in 2016.

As DJ he is responsible for keeping the pulse of the artistic hairdressing show with a musical groove, “Sienta La Cabeza”. It is this pulse that generates a magnetic atmosphere and draws in the spectators, who often come to listen as well as watch.

His music vibrates with the public in consonance with the creation of the sculptural hairstyles, adding colour and dimension to the live creations.

This symphony is made possible due to the expertise of a fine ear and a vast collection of music spanning a wide range of styles, genres and eras, which enables him to navigate skillfully through Jamaican, Brazilian and African rhythms, Celtic, Pop, Rock, Ambient, Drum n Bass, Folk, Jazz, Disco, Soul, Easy Listening, creating a soundtrack that brings the show alive.

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