CREATIVE hairdressing

Can you ever remember taking the time to experiment with your hair to make different hairstyles? Was it fun?

This workshop seeks to open a creative door and promote freedom of aesthetic expression by means of hairstyling, and also to provide an opportunity to leave the everyday behind, and make fun and creative hairstyles in a group.

Our experience has taught us that the workshop is also a very effective tool for promoting bonds of reciprocal personal care through the affective and daily action of hairstyling.

In the workshop the participants learn various creative hairdressing techniques, composition, the use of materials and the creation of decorative elements for the hairstyles. We seek to recycle disposable materials and reuse familiar everyday objects to make ornamental decorations, giving them a new meaning and life.

The Creative Hairdressing Workshop is an activity which can be enjoyed as a couple of the most varied formation: in family, between friends, acquaintances and strangers, and in a group (for ages 5 onwards).

Dossier de [ CREATIVE hairdressing ]

Dossier de [ CREATIVE hairdressing ]

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