This workshop offers a ludic approach towards personal self-image through the creation of Soulful Headdresses, which invoke the magic of playful dressing up, and where the headdress becomes a symbol of an “aesthetic fantasy”. This fantasy can be complemented with the composition of an entire attire which accompanies each creation made in the workshop.

In this proposal, personal objects that have a certain significance for people, (despite having been abandoned to their fate in a bottom drawer) have a special relevance. They are reused, and come to take on a new life and meaning. Other recycled objects and materials are available in addition to support and complement the creation of each participant.

The workshop ends with a catwalk, where the participants can wear their outfits and fulfill their aesthetic fantasy.

An activity for people from age 13 who desire to develop their creative soul in a ludic way.


Dossier de [ soulful HEADDRESSES ]

Dossier de [ soulful HEADDRESSES ]

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