This workshop offers a ludic approach towards personal self-image through the creation of Soulful Headdresses, which invoke the magic of playful dressing up, and where the headdress becomes a symbol of an “aesthetic fantasy”. This fantasy can be complemented with the composition of an entire attire which accompanies each creation made in the workshop.

It is a proposal that reuses personal objects that have an emotional meaning for people, despite having been abandoned to their fate in a drawer. These objects are the building blocks of the project, and regain new life in a creation with meaning, which can express an emotion, a social, political or educational claim, or any chosen theme.
The recycling of various precious materials, thrown away on a daily basis in our society, is the other element that supports and complements the creation of each participant.

The sharing of this aesthetic and personal experience which aims to provide a new outlook of self-image takes place on a catwalk, where the headdress and outfit will be worn by its creator, and his or her aesthetic fantasy fulfilled.

An activity for people aged 13 to 99 who desire to develop their creative soul in a ludic way.

Dossier de [ soulful HEADDRESSES ]

Dossier de [ soulful HEADDRESSES ]

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